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Trollfjorden, Raftsundet and Lonkanfjorden

Ship's Blog - June 28, 2013

After some of the guests had a short stroll through Henningsvaer, we leave our anchorage towards Trollfjorden. Trollfjorden is a very narrow, steep-sided fjord which is a popular cruise-stop for the coastal Hurtigruten ships, but also for many other ships and tour boats. The fjord walls are so steep sided, that a ship could nearly “go alongside” these walls. It is a nice place to have some fun from the ship and do something totally unexpected: approach the fjord sides so closely that a flower can be picked off the shore from the bow of the ship.

Conditions this morning are not very favorable for the intended flower picking – the wind is blowing into the fjord pushing the ship sideward during the approach. But it still works out: we maneuver the ship quickly in, a few branches are picked off the fjord side, photos are taken on the bow and the ship pulls back to resume its voyage north.

In the middle of Raftsundet, behind a small island and out of the main passage we drop anchor to attempt one more time catching a halibut. We meet with a local fishing boat and the lures are deployed from both HANSE’s Zodiacs and from the fishing boat. We launch the rescue boat in addition to supply the fishing crew with hot chocolate. Driving the rescue boat turns into an exciting afternoon activity for the kids. The current in Raftsundet runs with more than 4 knots creating some waves that are fun to pass with the boat.

The fishing stays again unsuccessful. Few codfish are caught, no halibut. One halibut might have been hooked but the strong fish got away with the lure.

This evening HANSE EXPLORER continues to Lonkanfjorden. This fjord cuts deep inland and was a totally random pick with the help of Google Earth. There is a national park in the back of the fjord and several hiking opportunities. When we pull into the fjord it becomes obvious that this place is just gorgeous and that it will be one of the trip’s highlights!

Capt. Martin Graser

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