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Sundsvollsundet, Ornvika and Lysbotnen

Ship's Blog - July 01, 2013

After the anchor has been lifted at 8 AM, HANSE EXPLORER makes her way north towards Sundsvollsundet – a very narrow passage bordering nice bird cliffs to the north. During our passage we can spot two sea eagles besides the hundreds of kittywakes nesting on the cliffs.

We have chosen another expedition destination today – a place that we have never visited before. We plan to head into Selfjorden on the south-west side of Senja Island. At the end of the fjord is another national park. While heading into the fjord, we spot a beautiful bay with a nice sandy beach to the right. There is a quick discussion between Richard and myself and the decision is made: we turn around and check out the bay. The place is just perfect for a farewell to Norway: there is a firepit on the shore and quickly a fire is going. There are several possibilities for walks through the open forest of gnarly little birch trees. The white sand beach is wide and good for a soccer game. Kayaks are being prepared and the rescue boat launched for the amusement of the kids. Very soon there are all kind of activities under way: expedition as it should be. The guests enjoy the time ashore until a rain shower calls for return to the ship.

During the afternoon, HANSE EXPLORER heads further north to the last anchorage in Lysbotn, just 26 miles south of Tromso. The bay is not as wild as the previous bays we have visited, but fishing does work out again: after dinner our guests pull up one fish after the other, enjoying drinks and cigars on this perfectly calm evening. At midnight, group photos of the crew and guests are being made on the ship’s bow. What a wonderful end to an exceptional cruise: Norway has certainly delivered again: natural beauty beyond the imaginable! I can’t wait to do another northern Norway trip! A special thanks to this wonderful group that we had on board – always active and always expedition minded… we hope to have you on board again.

Capt. Martin Graser

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