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Hellemobotn and Hesjevik

This morning, we wake up looking at waterfalls! There are two major waterfalls in the back of Hellemobotn. This fjord cuts so deeply into the mountains towards the Swedish border, that in a matter of hours a good hiker can cross the border here and visit Norway’s principle neighbor country Sweden.

But it is not the waterfalls that catch my attention this morning: it’s the amount of dead fish on the back deck! The guests have been up fishing until 3 AM and the result is impressive: two huge cods – one of them over 20 kilo heavy and dozens more fish have been heaved aboard. Bravo! So after two unsuccessful attempts to get the big catch with local guides, boats and all it involves, the best catch has been landed in the midnight sun off the aft platform of the ship!

While the chef guts and filets the fish, the guests have breakfast and prepare for the last extensive hike of the voyage. It will take them up to a viewpoint close to the large waterfall to the right of the anchorage and then after some bushwhacking towards the other waterfall that slopes down over granite rocks in a 45 degree angle. The hike is well worth the sweat, but the mosquitos which are numerous spoil a bit the experience. Still Hellemobotn is always worth a visit due to its clear rivers, waterfalls, numerous hiking possibilities and due to its overall natural beauty.

We spend the afternoon steaming north towards Hesjevik, a north facing bay on the north end of Grytoya. The passage goes through the narrows north of Loedingen and passes the important city of Harstad. At 9:30 PM the HANSE EXPLORER is anchored safely in this picturesque and calm bay and the clouds just start to clear leaving room for the midnight sun: and today we finally do get a glimpse at the sun at midnight! The light is magical; fishing is good and life couldn’t be better. Richard takes the guests out for a midnight Zodiac tour to take pictures of HANSE EXPLORER glowing orangy-red in the low sun.

Capt. Martin Graser

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