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Arrving guests - Trondheim, Norway

Ship's Blog - June 22, 2013

Just before noon time, the first guests arrive on board. All crew is anxiously awaiting the first charter of the season up north. It is nice to be back to working with our clients as a contrast to maintenance and overhaul work. Norway is a gorgeous cruise area and personally I have never ever done a disappointing trip up the Norwegian coast with its spectacular fiords and islands: Norway is certainly one of the most beautiful cruise destinations in the world and definitively the most spectacular expedition destination in Europe together with Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard.

After a first chat with our guests it is quickly clear that we need to change our plans: instead of an afternoon visit of rainy Trondheim, the decision is to head out immediately and to sail northwards up the coast towards our first destination Sandvika.
At 2 PM when we cast off the lines, M/Y LAIKA is already under way. Since the charter group exceeds 12 persons, they have chartered a second yacht which will accompany us on this cruise.

HANSE EXPLORER is maneuvering backwards out the narrow harbor of Trondheim and then we are steaming off into the grey Trondheim Fjorden. The weather forecast for the first part of the trip is rather mixed: real Norwegian coastal weather is predicted with some rain and some sunshine – the first day being the rainiest. I am not unhappy with this forecast since it is always better to have a weather improvement ahead than deteriorating weather. Good weather at the end of the cruise leaves everyone with a great overall impression. In general the weather is announced to be calm – means no strong winds are forecasted – a fact that the clients certainly appreciate.

After a 90 mile cruise through the fiords of Norway and the outer islands, HANSE EXPLORER arrives at her first over-night anchorage in Sandvika. It has been agreed with the clients to stay at anchor over night which is making this cruise be a bit at a slower pace and more enjoyable for the guests but also less stressful for the crew. The passage of the Norwegian coast involves a lot of route planning for the navigation officer which can take several hours a day. Being at anchor at night gives the officers more time to prepare the ever-changing routes for the next day to come.

We have used the time under way to do the mandatory safety briefing with the guests and the expedition leaders Richard from England and Petter from Norway had the time to introduce themselves and the cruise destination Norway, to do a Zodiac safety briefing and to prepare the guests for the first “wet landing” on the beach. Rubber boots and Parkas have been distributed. After a welcome dinner, the guests are ready for their first night on board.

Capt. Martin Graser

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