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14/01/2015 - Off Dutiers Point, 64 47 S 062 54 W

A knock on my door wakes me up after a short nap in the afternoon : Get ready – Orcas next to the ship! The zodiac is launched in a minute and we take off immediately. It does not take us long to get close up to a big pod of Orcas. They are hunting off Dutiers Point. The zodiac makes them suspicious and soon they check us out. Two at a time are racing towards the boat just to dive down immediately in front of us and get to the surface on the other side of the boat again. Squeaking and cheers on board the zodiac. Nobody is able to stay on his seat. The group is full of excitement. Cameras clicking. Fins are popping out of the water all around us. The Orcas deliver a great show. Racing with us and suddenly go for a dive again so close to us. This is what nobody of us experienced before. Even our Expedition Leader is speechless. And one more time we feel, these are experiences of a lifetime!