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Jens KŲthen, Germany

Growing up in East Germany Jens remembers watching Jacques Cousteau on television and feeling a deep desire to explore the sea. In 1984 at the age of 17 he joined his first cargo ship, which gave him the rare opportunity to pass the Iron Curtain and discover the world. After graduating from Maritime University in Bremen, he started his career at sea as Navigation & Safety Officer for a German tanker company where he later became Chief Mate.

His work on the luxury cruise ship Europa and on the expedition ship Hanseatic gave him considerable experience sailing in locations such as South Africa, Madagascar, French Polynesia, Greenland, Spitzbergen and Antarctica. His passion for expedition cruising brought him to Hanse Explorer in 2009 where he became Captain. Jens enjoys the challenge and privilege of navigating in the remote Polar Regions and guiding others into untouched areas of the world.

Guests appreciate his talent for creating extraordinary experiences with wildlife, his spontaneous, friendly nature and his tales of swimming with Humpback whales and dolphins. One of the highlights of his career was in 2011 when he captained the Hanse Explorer on a successful expedition to summit Bouvet Island, the most remote island in the world.


Andriy Bratash, Ukraine

Andriy started his career at sea in 2007 as deckhand on a container ship. He then jointed the HANSE EXPLORER as deck cadet in 2007 while studying at the maritime college in Odessa.

His further development onboard HANSE EXPLORER is quite exceptional. With great dedication to the vessel and its onboard procedures, its crew and guests, he has climbed up the nautical ranks ever since. After graduating from nautical school, he re-joined our team in 2010 as a Nautical Officer. Three years later Andriy was promoted to Chief Officer and is now Captain. He enjoys mountain biking, fishing and road trips when he is at home.